Gales Jewelry Co. Ltd

Our Story

In 2012, Gales was established as a family-owned Moissanite manufacturer in china . From humble beginning, it has since become a brand name in manufacturing services in China. Our hallmark is in providing solutions which emphasize economy with efficiency, speed and reliability. Serving a diverse portfolio of clients with a team of over 30 qualified and experienced staff, we pride ourselves in having in-depth expertise in procedure of making moissanite from raw as pertaining to international trade.

With a focus on professionalism and value added services, GALES maintains long-term relations with some of the leading Seller & Distributor in the Moissanite industry. We have an extensive network and strong relationships especially with logistics companies in China where we have a reputation as a reliable and experienced company in china. Our ethos for excellent service, developing mutually beneficial relationships and adherence to a strong work ethic has resulted in our consistent growth.

Having decades of experience, we have come to learn that, above all, our strong relationships, transparency and guiding our customers to make the right decisions has been the foundation of our success. We firmly believe that service is our foundation and the unsurpassed quality of its delivery is our paramount criterion.

What our clients say...

I am working with them since last 3 years and really happy from their services and quick response
Haris Sama