Pear Moissanite

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Pear Cut Moissanite


Pear cut moissanite is a beautifully faceted gem that is tapered from a pointy tip on one end to a round shape at the opposite end of the stone. It’s a perfect marriage between a triangle and round moissanite with is tear-drop like appearance. The crushed ice cut and hearts & arrows cut are widely accepted cut for moissanite jewelry

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8×5 mm 1.00 Carat, 8.8×5.65 mm 1.50 Carat, 10.1×6.5 mm 2.00 Carat, 11.1×7.1 mm 2.50 Carat, 11.5×7.5 mm 3.00 Carat, 12×7.65 mm 3.50 Carat, 12.8×8.25 mm 4.00 Carat, 13.35×8.55 mm 5.00 Carat, 14.0×9.0 mm 5.50 Carat, 14.5×9.3 mm 6.00 Carat, 15×9.65 mm 6.50Carat




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